On Apple Watch

Show ETD (or ETA if it were ongoing) for next event on Glace View.

On Scheduling

Events are automatically listed with ETD (by train, car or walk).

On Dashboard

Your next event and bookmarks with swipe UI

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iOS: 11 or newer
watchOS: 4 or newer
Add-on: n/a
Rating: 4+
Download: App Store


Interactive ETD Notifications for iPhone & Apple Watch

PROPELa's ETD Notification is such as automatic reminder for your deperture. You have no need to set deperture alarm. It's very smart.

Add and edit events near in two weeks (without repeated events)

You can add and manage New Events near in 2 weeks.

Bookmarks for your favorite places

Set your favorite places as Bookmark - HOME, WORK or ANNEX - and use it as place name in your schedule.

Card UI gathers transit informations

For your next event or bookmarks, ETD/Travel Time/ETA and Map appears on the card which can be swipe to change.

Automatic ETD scheduling between events

This feature enhances complexed public transportation in Tokyo (Train, Subway and some Bus routings). We hope you

Bookmarks are used for starting point for your destination

You can easily simulate the time of transportation from multiple starting points. This is the feature for active person just like you!

Get direction with Google Maps

If tapping the map, you can get detail directions with google maps from here and now.

Sync with Many Calendar Services

You can use any Calendars (iCloud, Google, Outlook, Exchange, etc...) provided by iOS.

Weather forecast integration (OpenWeatherMap)

Weather forcasts with estimated temperatures are showed up (near in a week).


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